Prevent Ice Buildup With Winter Wiper Blades

Out of all the important parts that make up your vehicle, the windshield wipers are probably taken for granted the most. Imagine your car, such a powerful machine, not being able to go anywhere in heavy rain because you can't see.

Windshield wipers are so much more important than many people think. This is why you need to make sure you switch out your windshield wiper blades for winter blades when it gets colder outside. Why do you need to switch them out? The Grand Valley Auto Lakewood service team can explain.

When your car sits outside, it may get a buildup of ice on the windshield. Regular wiper blades aren't very good at keeping this ice off. Winter blades are encased in a tough rubber to make sure that ice doesn't build up. We have winter windshield wiper blades over here at our Lakewood auto service center. If your wiper blades aren't getting that snow off, come visit us and we will find a set of winter blades to fit your car.

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