Find Another Creative Use for Kitty Litter This Winter

Kitty litter can be used to gain traction for your vehicle in situations in which your tires are stuck in mud or snow. Simply pour the kitty litter beneath your tires and help them gain traction, causing your vehicle – at least that’s what will happen in most scenarios – to move where you want it to go, rather than getting stuck. What are some additional tips from the Grand Valley Auto Lakewood team?

In addition or to replace the kitty litter solution, you can also use sand to dig snow away from your tires, helping them gain traction and cause your car to accelerate forward. You can use sand to get traction in your driveway, also. Sand will not melt any ice or snow, however.

Alternatively, salt can help you in the winter by quickly melting ice or snow, but it does not – and will not – add traction. You can only use salt to prevent ice from freezing your driveway over. Consider calling our winter driving experts at Grand Valley Auto Lakewood, where we help you decide what to drive with when it’s cold outside – we’re found in Lakewood, CO, and love to help our customers at our auto parts and repair center.

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