Tips for Adjusting Your Side Mirrors

Even with all the new technologies aimed at helping you avoid collisions, good visual habits and the proper use of mirrors is still important. Using the tips below, you will know how to properly adjust your side mirrors in a way that best captures your blind spots.

  • Start by properly adjusting your seat. Make sure that you're sitting upright and that you are able to see over the steering wheel, dashboard, and hood.
  • To adjust the driver's side mirror the first thing you need to do is place your head against the left window. Then you set the mirror so you can just barely see the side of the car.
  • To adjust the passenger's side mirror, place your head so that it is just about even with center console. Then set the mirror so that you can just barely see the side of the car.

This should make it so that you will have an almost seamless view around your entire car which will help prevent collisions.

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