What Does An Alternator in Your Vehicle Do?

Most people think that the battery in their vehicle is responsible for powering all those neat accessories that come standard in most cars today. You might be surprised to discover how important that alternator is to affording you all those luxuries. The alternator is the piece of equipment in your vehicle that generates the energy to charge the battery and feed the electrical system. The battery is responsible for providing power to the starter motor, and relies on the alternator to stay fully-charged.

The alternator is a generator, and gets its power from a crank wheel that spins when the motor is running. If the alternator is failing, you will see an indication light on the dash. Other ways to tell the alternator is failing is if the lights are dim or the gauges of the instrument panel stop working. If your vehicle is showing signs the alternator is failing, stop by our auto service department in Lakewood, CO so we can test the car's electrical system.

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