Why Should You Know Your Correct Tire Size?

Imagine this: Your car recently had a flat tire and can’t be fixed, which means you need a new tire. What size do you need? Can you buy just one tire? These are all questions car owners face at one time or another. Our qualified technicians at Grand Valley Auto Lakewood will advise you on what kind of tires best suit your car as well as what size you need.

Auto manufacturers recommend you not purchase just one tire unless the other three still have most of the original tread, or you may get an uneven ride. The size of the tires are written on the side of the tire or in the owner’s manual.

Whether you’re planning to buy one, two or all four new tires, it’s important that you have them balanced and professionally installed. Call for an appointment or stop in at our service shop, and you can get everything done quickly and easily.

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