Why Should You Check Your Tire Pressure and Tread?

It can be easy to overlook your vehicle's tires and tire pressure when it comes to all of the things you need to pay attention to and maintain on your vehicle. Your car may have alerted you that your tire pressure is low, and we recommend that you get some air into your tires as soon as you can to protect their integrity. Also, if you notice that your tires are beginning to wear down a bit, start thinking about whether it's time to buy new tires in the coming months. This is a big safety concern and you want to be able to grip the road safely.

If you notice your tire tread is wearing unevenly, this can be a sign of a problem occurring with your suspension or something similar. Bring your vehicle to Grand Valley Auto Lakewood and we can see what the problem might be and send you on your way in no time.

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