Why Choose Water When You Can Use Wiper Fluid?

Running out of windshield wiper fluid during the cold winter months can be a serious problem for the health of your vehicle. The reason is that the vehicle's wiper system is very important. Without fully functioning wipers, your vehicle won't be able to clear any mud or dirt from the surface of your windshield.

Unfortunately, many people choose to fill up their wiper fluid well with actual water. What happens in many cases with these vehicles is that damage can occur to the system that pumps the windshield washer fluid. Tap water also has minerals which deteriorates the plastic of the system, but the real problems arise when the water freezes. Windshield wiper fluid works to keep your vehicle warm. That is why we at Grand Valley Auto Lakewood - right here in Lakewood, CO - highly recommend that you choose wiper fluid over water. If you need suggestions on the right type of fluid, please don't hesitate to come and visit us.

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