Jumping a Dead Battery

Eventually, it’s going to happen. You’ll head out to your car to go to work, school, or the store, and you’ll find that the battery has died. If you don’t know how to deal with this problem, you may find yourself unable to drive anywhere for an extended period of time.

If you have a friend whose car has a working battery as well as a pair of jumper cables, then you’re in luck. Make sure that both cars are in as safe a position as possible, and then start the process of jumping your car’s battery using the working battery as a power source. Before starting, make sure that both cars are shut off, and set the transmissions so that they won’t start rolling away. Identify which of the jumper cables is for positive, and which is for negative, since this is important information.

Start with the positive terminal of the dead battery, then the same on the good battery. Connecting the negative cable can be dangerous, so be careful. Attach one end to the good battery’s negative terminal, and the other end to a metal part of the dead car’s engine, NOT the battery. Once this is done, you can jump the dead car to get it running again.

In the event that you have to jump your battery, it is important that you get it checked out soon, as it could be a sign that the battery is nearing the end of its lifespan. Come down to Grand Valley Auto Lakewood as soon as possible to follow up on the battery issue and seek out a quality battery replacement for your car.

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