Advanced Auto Suspension Systems in Modern Cars

The latest high-end cars offer sophisticated suspension systems with electromagnetic technology. Receiving feedback from electronic sensors, the electromagnetic modules precisely regulate the properties of oil and other fluids or gases inside the reservoirs of shock absorbers. For example, the Magnetic Ride Control is a prime example of such a system that's optional in luxurious sedans and crossover SUVs in North America.

Some of the most advanced pickup trucks in the United States boast suspension systems that respond to demand for loading and handling. For example, the height of the chassis might be adjusted for towing and off-road trekking. An auto-leveling function provides plenty of convenience for drivers who frequently connect and disconnect fifth-wheel trailers. Such an advanced towing utility is typically activated by an electronic button in the dashboard. Whether you have a light-duty car or a heavy-duty vehicle, Grand Valley Auto Grand Junction offers reliable suspension repairs for all types of models.



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